Laughing is one of the best feelings in the world. It makes you feel good about yourself, making others Happy makes you happier.  Laughter is a strong medicine. There are some therapies & exercises that includes laughing. It is medically approved that laughing is healthy. So, keep smiling.

Detoxification is an important process for a healthy mind, body, and skin. Pollution, stress at work,eating outside junk foods, leads to weight gain, unhealthy skin and toxin infusion in our body.  A detox water not only flushes out toxins from our body but also gives the nutrition it needs.

During hot summers, our body craves for cold water and during cold, we want hot water. According to health experts drinking cold water is beneficiary after exercise and drinking hot water is beneficiary during morning. So, there are individual occasion & benefits of drinking hot or, cold water.

Did you know what you eat can affect your skin health and skin aging? In addition to what you eat can be as important as the creams and moisturizer you apply on your skin. Studies have found that a healthy lifestyle with a good skin care routine, is the perfect way to slow down the signs aging.

Essential oil carry the pure “essence”, scent & flavour of the plant, they are derived from. They are free of harmful chemicals. There are various types of essential oil to stimulate hair growth, treat dandruff, hair fall and dry scalp,  nourishment & strengthening of hair.